17 April 2009

anda b'minat utk m'buat bisnes??

sy memerlukan PARTNER utk m'jln kan bisnes sy..

bisnes ape??
spt yg sy nyatakan di bawah [post sblum ini]..

simple & easy..

it's OK if u know nothing about this business world..
we have classes & the advisors to teach & guide u 2 be successfull in this business..
dont have 2 be afraid.. ^_^

sy pun asal nye xtau lgsg agenda2 dlm dunia bisnes ni..
minat pun xde..
i have ZERO!! NOTHING!!

tp stlah join bisnes ini..
sy tlah mengetahui mcm2 ttg selok belok bisnes ini..
menarik bukan??

bukan sy shaja..
ramai yg tlah m'bukti kan nye..

it's kind of BIG FAMILY..
stlah anda join business ini..
anda xkan diketepikan @ disisihkan..
evry1 will get the CHANCES..
& kite b'gerak as a TEAM!!
b'sama2 menuju KE PUNCAK!!

sy tlah lame join business ini..
ia sgt menarik..
marilah sertai sy..
jd laa PARTNER sy..

hubungi sy.. 0132033261


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